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Nei Gong & Qi Gong Training:
Zoom Classes

Attending Classes

I offer 2 classes every week on Sundays:

  • Nei Gong Foundations

    • Sunday mornings 8am-9:30am EST

  • Qi Gong for Health

    • Sunday mornings 9:45am-11am EST

(you can check the calendar for individual dates).

Both classes go through the same practices from the Lotus Nei Gong syllabus (the system I teach under), but with different focuses and levels of intensity.

For either class, while I recommend attending every week, as we will be building upon skills learned in each class, you are also welcome to attend individual sessions as you like.

Nei Gong Foundations

Sundays 8am-9:30am

(Recordings also available)


This class is a typical Nei Gong class from Lotus Nei Gong, and is more physically strenuous and traditional in its structure and intensity. In these classes, we are focused on moving efficiently through the foundations of the Nei Gong process of building and activating the Dan Tian (the engine-like energy center in the lower abdomen) and opening the channels. In each class, we cover whatever topics are appropriate for moving the group and each individual forward through the Nei Gong process. This class is best for anyone who wants to take their Qi Gong practice deeper, and who is interested in strongly activating, awakening, and gradually transforming their internal energetic body.

Qi Gong for Health

Sundays: 9:45am-11am

(Recordings also available)


This is a gentler class with more of a medical focus, focused on helping people to improve their health through nourishing and supportive Qi Gong practices, while gradually working their way into the Nei Gong process of building the Dan Tian and opening the channels. These classes are appropriate for people of all ages and physical ability, including if you're dealing with injuries or have trouble standing. 

At the end of each class, I will also give a little talk covering different topics related to health and Chinese medicine, and connect them to what we are doing in our Qi Gong practice.




To register for classes, you can either purchase an individual class, or you can sign up for a 30-day class package of 4 or 8 classes that allow you to book either class type. Class packages reduce the cost of individual classes and make it easy to flexibly register for whichever classes you want to attend live or via recording within the month. 

If you are interested in learning all the material and practicing on a regular basis, the packages provide the best value, and can help to support a consistent practice.

If you are just curious to try a class or are interested in attending casually on a less regular basis, then individual sessions are the best choice.

When you buy a package, you will then have to choose which classes you would like to register for, and simply add them to your package.

When you register for a class, you will receive a confirmation email with the Zoom link to the class.

To join the class at the start time, just click the Zoom link.


When you are registered for a class, the recording of the class will be made available for viewing (for 30 days) for anyone registered for a class. (Participant video will not be recorded, only that of the instructor.)

If you cannot attend a class live but would still like the material, you can simply register for the class as you would if you were attending live, and I will send you a link to the recording after the class is complete.

If registration has already been closed but you would still like the recording of a previous class you missed, email me at to purchase previous recordings.

About Nei Gong

Nei Gong (內功) literally translates to "Internal Skill", and is the traditional term for is a classical Daoist process of transformation of the physical body and internal energy, designed to increase the efficient functioning of the body, energy, and mind, to eventually assist us in connecting to something higher.

It includes a wide variety practices, including:

  • Standing, moving, and seated Qi Gong exercises to connect the body, develop the Qi, and build the Dan Tian (the lower energy center of the body)

  • Dao Yin exercises used to open and purge the body of pathogens

  • Breathing practices to regulate the mind and the Qi

  • and more

As a body-based approach to spiritual development, it works a bit like building a pyramid: the foundation or bottom of the pyramid is the transformation of the physical body. Upon that, we build an efficient and highly functioning energetic system. All of which eventually allows us to transform consciousness in order to connect with something higher: that's the top of the pyramid. It's an extremely practical, grounded approach to an otherwise esoteric endeavor.

The system I practice and teach in these classes has been organized and passed on by Damo Mitchell of Lotus Nei Gong International, with whom I have been fortunate to study with since 2017. I am a certified Qi Gong teacher with Lotus Nei Gong, and I continue to train intensively in the internal arts with Damo full-time.

More about Nei Gong


If you would like more background and context for what we do in these classes, I recommend reading this book by Damo:
A Comprehensive Guide to Daoist Nei Gong. It is the best and most concise resource for gaining an extremely
 thorough understanding of Nei Gong theory.


You can also watch this lecture I gave specifically for people taking my classes. It goes over the basics, explaining what we are trying to achieve in our classes, and how the practices take us through the Nei Gong process.

Watch the recording here: Essential Theory for Nei Gong Practice

Damo also has an extensive library of Youtube videos you can watch to learn more.

Register for Classes

Register for Classes

Class Packages

Save on classes if you want to attend weekly

  • Recommended

    Class Package - 4 Classes

    Perfect for attending weekly classes of your choice, and flexibly accessing either class type.
    Valid for one month
    • Access to any 4 classes (and their recordings) per month
    • Attend live or watch the recordings
Class Packages

Class Schedule

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If you have any questions, please email me at

Disclaimer: The Nei Gong process taught in these classes is a classical process and is, at times, very strong. For this reason, we advise anyone with known psychological disorders or serious medical issues to avoid these events. If you have questions about your specific circumstance, feel free to reach out to our email with any questions. Nei Gong is also not suitable for the following people: pregnant people, anyone under the age of 18 years old, or anyone regularly using recreational or hallucinogenic drugs. Any student who attends a course assumes the risk of injury.

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